WHELM - The Start

Hola. My name is Marisa. I started typing this blog almost a year ago and here I am finally finishing and posting it. Procrastination is something that has taken over my life countless of times. I will talk more about this throughout my blogging life.

Why a blog? Well, I’m not a professional writer. I passed English classes in high school and college with low C’s and that was a shock. Therefore, a book is out of the question. Plus, I have a lot of things to say and who is going to read a thousand-page book? Not I. I started a Youtube channel a few years ago that I thoroughly enjoyed but attracted a weird audience. I know, posting anything on the internet can get to anyone, but I started a channel for other moms and my inbox and comments became full of weird creepy men all over the world asking for pictures and videos of me breastfeeding my child. My paranoia has skyrocketed since becoming a mother and the thought of these people sexualizing my videos with my daughter in them made me want to vomit and hide her from the world forever. I have a hard time fully expressing my feelings to others and tend to bottle a lot inside. I have amazing friendships that I am beyond thankful for and a husband that will move the earth for me, but for some reason I have this hold over me that when I feel something powerfully and emotionally, I usually keep it to myself. I can’t help but to think that everyone has their own life, problems, and who am I to pour my energy onto them? So, alas, a blog. I am a STRONG believer that everything happens for a reason. It’s cliché, I already know. But so much has happened in my life for me to believe this. I own a small business and through my site you can create blogs easily. I also must thank Carol who is a badass Latina entrepreneur who suggested for me to start a blog almost a year ago (I’m finally doing it Carol)! It’s mainly here for me to get these feelings out on something and hopefully to connect with others.

WHELM is the name of my blog. I don’t even know how I thought of it a year ago, but it made sense to me, and it stuck. WHELM is me, I am it. WHELM stands for, Wife, Human, Entrepreneur, Latina, Mother. Which is me, Marisa, hello again. My goal is to post daily Monday-Friday. Mondays will be all about that wife life. Tuesdays will be about being a human in this crazy ass world. Wednesdays will be for my entrepreneurs. Thursdays will be dedicated to being born a Latina. Fridays will be all about motherhood. Now I am no expert in any of these categories. I am still learning new things daily and how to live life. This is just my journey that I decided to share and if you’re here reading this, thank you.



verb (used with object)

to submerge; engulf.

to overcome utterly; overwhelm


  • Yes! Congrats, Marisa!
    This is so refreshing, & a much needed space for every woman, in every stage/chapter of her life. We need one another:) It’s about time, & looking forward to seeing what’s in store.

    Darleen Alvarado
  • I am so excited for this!

  • This is great Ris! I love reading blogs!

  • I LOVE IT, I can’t wait to read weekly! 💗💗


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