Our Story

SpreadLaLuz Founder

Hola! I am Marisa, founder and owner of SpreadLaLuz. What started out as a hobby, quickly turned into going after a dream. I launched this business in 2021 after years of formulating and handcrafting skincare products. Being a first-generation Latina business owner, I had to overcome (still do) many challenges. My brand began with a mujer wanting to bring awareness to her culture, a jar of body butter, and a heart wanting to spread good everywhere. Once I saw how passionate like-minded dreamers were when it came to their products, I wanted to expand my store and support them all.

Our skincare products are created by yours truly while our other beautiful handmade goods are by artisans all over the world. These artisans included are, humans in Kenya providing for their families and refugees that can now create in a safe place. 


My greatest inspiration in life is the beauty, strength, and power us humans have. SpreadLaLuz was built to bring a focus on that and the moments that bring us light. SpreadLaLuz was created to bring glow to your skin and your life while focusing on empowerment and diversity.

Let's always support one another. We need more of that in this world. 

Thank you for being here. I hope you love our products and brand.



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